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An Introduction to article explaining the basics on mastering. This article has been featured in multiple websites as well as getting mentions in periodicals.

Studio VS Home Recording. A guide to help you decide if you should record at home or in a studio.

Small Room Acoustics. Wondering why your home recordings don't sound professional? Most the reason is probably due to acoustics. This work-in-progress article will attempt to make things a bit easier to understand. This, however, is a very complex issue that effects everybody so it will be a while before it is finalized.  Updated 07/08/2010

Tape Baking is another service offered by GCM. Learn more here.

TASCAM 8516...About the infamous 16-track by TASCAM.  Updated 07/08/2010

Film Specifications... just a list of familliar film formats and their respective dimensions and specs.

Make Your Own Microphones. Back from my no budget days, I learned to improvise. You can too.

A film video and sound glossary, written to assist Small Pond Films's web site. If there are any terms that should be added, please contact the E-mail address below.

How to Play Guitar, an article based on one of the most popular searches on the internet.

The Sequential Circuits MAX Keyboard was a page inspired out of frustration for wanting to make an old keyboard more usable. There's a great wealth of features packed into this cheap synthesizer you just can't use without a computer with appropriate software. That software for Windows 9x and XP is available here for free.

Instructions on how to find the ISO of a video camera

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