How to Play Guitar


It has been pointed out that the #1 music related search on the internt is “how to play guitar”. By request this article has been written to help fullfill the need to gain information on this subject. For starters, the information here my not be quite what one is expecting from a recording/video website such as this. The article is geared toward quality learning environtments that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and proper technique that could not be realized through a simple essay. There are no quick and easy answeres here but the approch is time tested and true to some of the best guitar players in the world.


For starters, search the internet no more on guitar instruction because information on the net is often unreliable. Words cannot describe how many times chord charts notation and tablature has been searched on the net and in hundreds of sites, the same 3 incorrect charts are all that is found. Often the people that write musical information for the internet are amateurs who have a knack for computers. They often are not as apt to music as they are computers. The purpose of this statement is not to insult them for their good deeds but if they were not taught by a professional, most likely they will have misconceptions about how things are done both song specifically and in general theory.


The first thing to learn is music theory. This will teach a basic understanding of how music works and why things are the way they are. It lays down the rules which are key to learning an instrument. Once these rules are learned and mastered, then they can be bent or broken. But to barrel ahead without such knowledge is dangerous and can cause endless frustration both to the guitar player and anyone who works with them. Among this theory is how chords and scales work as well as time keeping practices to set the rhythm of the music. It is very important to be able to count and track music accurately in order to play it and all to often, this part is missed thus creating a catastrophic inability to play with other musicians successfully. This is a subject about which you will find some good information on the internet.


Once basic music theory is learned, a prospective guitarist may start learning the instrument itself. Actually, one can learn both theory and their new instrument at the same time. This may be helpful in relating them to one another. This is the part where no reading material by itself will be helpful. To aquire one’s knowledge solely through reading material is harmful because there is no guidence to make sure the new knowledge is implimented properly. A trained professional teacher will be able to guide his students and taylor his instruction to meet their personal needs. This is impossible through literature alone. Moreover, a real teacher can prevent poor unrealized habits before they happen and become a serious disability.


After the basics are learned, a new guitar player may continue lessons to become a more professional musician or just use their knowledge to have fun on their own time. In fact, many top notch musicians occasionally have “check up” lessons with a teacher to help them achieve a new perspective or help battle bad habits. Occassionally, the professional musician’s abilities may outweigh that of the teacher but it is still valuable to get the input of an unbiassed second party to take a new direction in their abilities or brush up on techniques that were previously seldom used.


In conclusion, it is imperative to learn the tried and true methods of approaching a new instrument. This applies to all instruments whether drums, keyboards, horns and beyond. Even if the only interest in the instrument is just as a hobby where no other people will hear it, a prospective player will be infinitely limited by not seeking first, a better understanding of music and second, supervised lessons by a reputable instructor.


Good luck and have fun.

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