GCM Recording Studio in Boise Idaho is a fully equipped recording studio which supports up to 16 analogue tracks recording. Services include recording and mixing with 16-track analogue tape in 1" format at 15ips with or without noise reduction. Remixing of projects from multiple platforms includdin Pro Tools is also available.

As you may already know, GCM Recording Studio is the Igneroid Publishing LLC official mastering studio.  GCM's rate is $40 per hour for studio and mastering time.  Mastering is the specialty of GCM Recording Studio. In fact, it is the only known studio in Idaho that specializes in this under recognized, yet all-too-important and integral part of recording. GCM will master for CD audio, CD-ROM, DVD, DVD-audio, vinyl disc, compact cassette and VHS. All common file formats are supported from 16-bit 44.1 KHz to 32-bit floating point 192KHz.
Now also included out of popular demand is transferring analogue tape to computer based digital audio workstation such as Pro Tools or any other DAW which uses the standard AIFF or WAV file formats from 16-bit 44.1KHz to 24-bit 96KHz. The increasing demand for musicians and engineers mixing projects at their own home studios in thier leisure as introduced this new expanding service. GCM also very commonly remixes projects recorded at other studios in either 1" tape, 1/2" tape and DAW. This has actually become one of the main services of the studio in recent years. The care and quality control taken at GCM often yeilds far better results than the original mixes and masters.
The studio is located in Boise ID off of Overland rd, 83709. Please E-mail or call with questions and requests for appointments. (208-412-6191, no solicitors please.)

Key features of GCM Recording Studio include;

16 analogue tracks are available in the 764 square foot studio. The 16-track uses EIC (AKA NAB2) EQ which is much more natural sounding and less noisy than the traditional NAB EQ. It also features class-A FET inputs and outputs which are a perfect compliment to the class-A preamps used at GCM. Read more about the TASCAM 8516.


Digital and analogue technologies are used in mastering.

Also available is an authentic Hammond G with Leslie. For those who are unfamilliar, a "G" is the Government issue organ.  It is the same as a model C except the cabinet is less ornate. The internal workings are identical to those of the B3 except there is an extra set of tone generators for chorus, there is a 1/2 octave foldback on the lower range of the manuals (which prevents the sound from getting too muddy) and there are no percussion circuits. While adding percussion is a very easy task on this particular organ, this has not yet been performed.  Just added to the available equipment is an 1899 Everett upright grand piano.  Recently rescued from abandonment in a church building, this fat, yet sensitive sounding piano has been well maintained untill recently and has many years of life in it still.

The climate controled studio is well lit and comfortable. It has plenty of room to move and has a more home-like feel than most professional studio.

The main recording room at GCM is moderately live with a hard cement floor. There are spot treatments to add diffusion and control both flutter and standing waves. The sound is warm and natural without being too wet or dry.

GCM believes in competitor shoping. That means we have visited, worked with and even worked in other local studios to find the way to best serve our clients.

The monitoring system employed at GCM has been carefully placed and calibrated to make the best representation of the projects which require the studio's attention. It is very rare for studio in Boise, Nampa, Meridian and Caldwell to use proper monitors and it is even more rare for said monitors to be properly set up. There is a science to setting up audio reference monitors which is all too often overlooked.

The engineer at GCM has actively been in the recording industry since 1996. That said, it is very important to find ballance between the tied and true techniques of yester-year and the latest trends which are often overlooked.

The studio is meticulous in capturing an acurate and clear representation of the music.

GCM does field recording for film and video as well as live band recordings.

GCM can record live in the studio for speedy results withing a controlled environment.

Forensic restoration of old recordings from vinyl or magnetic tape is a specialty. Noisy, dull recordings will gain new life using the specialized remastering processes at GCM.

Tape baking is available when needed. Shedding sticky tapes can be salvaged though this process.

For those looking for Pro Tools by Digidesign, it was available and it proved to be problematic and inorganic to the needed workflow. Not to mention the extent of proprietorship PT held was almost incapacitating as far as studio tools went. Several other softwares are still available at GCM which are much more efficient and produce the same results in less time. If PT is an absolute must, other studios in the area support it.

GCM believes in high resolution audio that will last for years to come. That is why a Frequency Modulation (FM) based recording system is often used during mastering. FM offers the indefinite resolution of traditional Amplitude Modulation based analogue recording but with a noise floor similar to digital and unparalleled transient response.

An equipment list is in order.
Tracking/mixing inventory

If you are considering mastering or recording services with GCM, E-mail the owner using the graphic at the bottom of the page.

Famous mastering engineer Bob Dennis at the Recording Institute of Detroit said "Most mastering engineers haven't mastered 60,000 cuts (like I have) and don't have mastering credit on over 30 gold records (like I do). I would recommend you to anyone who wanted to get mastering done. This puts you on a very short list of mine."

What other's have to say about GCM.
"Thank you so much, you've been a great help" Darren Stroud.
"The guy does incredible work! I'll be working with him again", Brian Girardin.
"This is the best recording we've ever had. Much better than the overpriced studio we did our last album at", Shelf.
"You did an incredible job, we're getting airplay for the first time", Organech.
"By far the best recording of ours to date, and we spent some big bucks on our first album.", UpinAtem
"This is amazing!", See Thru Soul.

Studio VS Home Recording. The practical difference between recording at home or at a studio and how to choose which is right for you.

Wondering why analogue multitracking is offered and not digital? Go here.

Note, GCM now offers video recording & editing for special events and indie movies.  Format is 3CCD DV camera edited on an NLE workstation. GCM also now has Super-8 capabilities. To further explore these options, go to the Video portion of the site.

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