List of Links

owyheesound is a company with which I am well involved. Nathan Snyder is a very knowledgable individual and we have worked on many projects together.

The Recording Website is where I first really started to expand my knowledge in recording. I am a moderator on their recording and mastering boards.

Tape Op is a free magazine for makeshift recording enthusiasts. This is the only recording magazine to which I subscribe as it is the only one I think is worth the paper on which it is printed. Instead of gear whores pushing the latest thing to hit the market, this magazine is centered around the people and techniques that really make it happen.

The Problem With Music , the best article I've ever seen that lets you know what REALLY happens when you sign a contract with a record company. Anybody in this business who's trying to make it big or know somebody who wants to make it big should read this.

Music Education Center, a site deticated to enhance the education of net users.

Trails of Smoke; One of my competitors who was nice enough to feature my article on mastering.

Small Pond Films, the local company striving to promote independant local movie-making.

Forde Motion Picture Lab is my favorite source for motion picture services. They offer 35mm, 16mm and super-8 film stock developing and printing. They are cheap, fast and reliable. The staff is prompt and friendly. A++++++!

Friendly Fire Films, A company which has a started new and better quality form of super-8 film making.

Widescreen Museum, Learn all about the history of widescreen film. One of my favorite sites.

ATR Services, At the forefront of new exposion in analogue recording, you'll find ATR

TFPro, A brief history in audio recording.

Saving Little Hearts, a charity for children with heart problems.

Real Music Crusaders , Good clients who were cool enough to link to my site.

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