"Ascension" is about a small, Christian-oriented community where several children die in a freak accident while on a church outing. Devastated, one of the parents decides to take matters into his own hands. Familliar with the occult, he consults a friend who is an expert in the field. They discover that through ancient Sumerian mythology, that the children could be revived. Everything seems to be OK except the resurrected children are driven purely by Id.
The idea for this work-in-progress came about from a discussion where the writer of the movie (Leyla Baldassarre) noticed that there is almost a perfect lack of zombie children in movies. Slated to be shot sometime in June, this 10 minute short is the first of hopefully many more serious original works written by Owyheesound & Design. The short is proposed to be shot on Super-Duper-8 negative film where all visual effects will be done optically or mechanically. The film will be shot on a modified Canon 1014 with a Canon GL1 along side for safety & video assist. The footage will be transferred via the modified Rank Cintel necessary to capture the widescreen negative image. It is to be edited on DV using Sony Vegas 5. An optical print may eventually be made which is one reason why all titles and effects will be captured directly to the film.

Keep checking this page for updates on the timeline, casting, crew and other details.

owyheesound is a company with which I am well involved. The owner, Nathan Snyder, is a very knowledgable individual and we have worked on many projects together.

Small Pond Films, the local company striving to promote independant local movie-making.

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