Welcome to the home page for the GCM Recording Studio in Boise Idaho. GCM specializes in audio mastering for music CD, DVD audio, compact cassette and vinyl disc. Also offered is a complete mid-sized 16-track recording studio at competitive prices.


A Basic List of Services

Offered by GCM Recording Studio

Last updated 02/17/2012

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Full recording studio for recording up to 16 analogue tracks at once.

Live recording up to 16 digital tracks at once.

Direct to stereo recording.

Mixing recordings from other studios using DAW or analogue tape.

Surround sound mixing.

Mastering audio in several formats including 24-bit 192KHz & ¼” tape.

Forensic restoration of recordings in a multitude of formats.

Transferring of multi-track and stereo recordings to digital.

* Transferring DAT & ADAT Type-I tapes to DAW.

*  Video tape events and fictional projects.

*  Filming on Super-8, Super-Duper-8 and 16mm film.

*  Transferring of 16mm film to video.

*  Video editing in a non-linear DVW.

*  Transferring of analogue video to digital.


GCM Video Studio a recent addition to services provided by GCM.

Articles. This is various articles and essays that have been written by or interest GCM.

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